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For more than 35 years Torin Dixon has used HMK Stone Care Products as a Professional Stone Fabricator and Installation Contractor.

Teamed up with his wife Diane, together they have 55 years of stone contracting and maintenance experience.

HMK® Stone Care products are Professional Grade, and specifically developed for all natural stone surfaces.


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Disposable Microfiber Wiping Towel 16x16
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Disposable Microfiber Wiping Towel 16x16
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Disposable Microfiber Wiping Towel 16x16
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Economy Version of our Premium All Purpose Cleaning Microfiber Towels are great for any stone clean up job. THESE DISPOSABLE CLOTHS ARE THE PERFECT SOLUTION FOR WIPING OFF PENETRATING SEALERS WHEN APPLYING. Lint free, these microfiber towels are made up of hundreds of thousands of closed loop fibers which allow the cloths to clean more efficiently than any natural fiber. They are safe to use on all stone surfaces and finishes.

How to Clean Granite or Marble Counters:

Spray HMK P1 Spray Stone Cleaner onto any stone surface and buff dry using these professional quality microfiber cloths.

Construction: The 16”x16” Disposable Microfiber Cloth is a great cleaner for jobs that might ruin a regular microfiber towel. These lint free microfiber towels are made up of hundreds of thousands of split fibers which allow the cloths to clean aggressively without being abrasive. They are safe to use on windows, stone surfaces as well as automotive finishes. Our Disposable Microfiber Cloths are made from spunlace 80% Polyester / 20% Polyamide microfiber, which is the same blend as most of our other microfiber towels. These are non-woven microfiber towels. The open spaces in the fibers created by the splitting process are what give the towels its ability to hold dust and dirt as well as its ability to absorb liquid. The edges of the towels are cut so there’s nothing that will scratch painted or polished surfaces and nothing that can unravel. Since there are no sewn borders and there’s nothing to unravel you can cut these cloths to fit any application. They’re also machine washable, just treat them with the same care you would any other microfiber towel.

Uses: There are hundreds, if not thousands of uses for our 16”x16” Disposable Microfiber Cloths. They’re especially great to use for dirty jobs where you need the cleaning power of microfiber, but don’t want to ruin more costly woven microfiber towels. This would include painting, auto repair, arts and crafts and so much more! They’re great as food service towels, printer towels, shop towels and bar towels. They also work well for a microfiber towels for biohazard application such as medical use where the absorbency of microfiber is needed in a disposable towel. Since these towels have no pile height (think of a t-shirt as compared to carpet) they’re great for printing, this means they’re good as a promotional give-away.

Method: When using our 16”x16” Disposable Microfiber Cloth it’s usually best to fold it twice. This gives you eight cleaning surfaces with each towel. One of the greatest things about microfiber towels is that they allow you to clean effectively without added chemical cleaners, microfiber towels work extremely well with just plain water. The dry method is great for dusting, cleaning windows and mirrors, wiping up spills and much more. Once you’ve collected dust and dirt you can rinse the towel and continue using it damp to remove smudged dirt, grease or stains.

Size: 16”x16” (40cm x 40cm)
Color: White
Blend: 80% Polyester / 20% Polyamide
Weight: 100 Grams per Square Meter
Edges: Cut

Economical disposable Lint free Microfiber Towels are made 
up of 
thousands of fibers which allow the cloths to clean natural 
stone aggressively. Use these cloths to Clean Granite & 
Marble with our spray cleaners, or  to wipe off sealers.


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