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For more than 35 years Torin Dixon has used HMK Stone Care Products as a Professional Stone Fabricator and Installation Contractor.

Teamed up with his wife Diane, together they have 55 years of stone contracting and maintenance experience.

HMK® Stone Care products are Professional Grade, and specifically developed for all natural stone surfaces.


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Stain Removal Chart for All Natural Stone

Stain Removal Chart for Natural Stone

* Do not use on surfaces sensitve to acid (polished marble, travertine, limestone).
   Always test products in an inconspicuous area to determine suitability.

Find your Stain in the adjacent Chart and View Corresponding Product Recommendations.
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more information


We suggest using the least aggressive suggested stain removal product first to prevent damage to stone.


Note: R80 has been changed to R54 


HMK R155 Intensive Cleaner is a mildly alkaline product that is safe for all natural stone.


*As noted above, all products with an asterisk are Acids and should be used with caution. Never use acids on polished calcium based stones such as Marble, Limestone, Travertine, or Onyx. Acids may be used on Honed, Tumbled or Textured calcium based stone, but you should use a weak diluted solution and gradually increase the acid concentration as needed.


Be aware: Many "granites" are not "True Geological Granite". True granites are Quartz and Feldspar based. Many decorative granite colors used for kitchen countertops are metamorphosed 'granite', are sedimentary stones and may contain small amounts of acid sensitive minerals. Most commerical granite are perfectly suitable for kitchen use but Always test all acids in an inconspicuous are first to determine suitability.


When using R154 Stripper/Stain Remover, you MUST neutralize this product with R155 Intensive Cleaner. We now offer a combo-pack with these two products. More

Stain Removal Category


Click to view HMK Stain Chart

Stain Removal Guide from Moeller HMK Stone Care

Acne Creams R155
Adhesive R154(R80)
Algae R160
Aluminum R163*
Asphalt R154(R80)
Beer R155
Beet R155
Bitumen R154(R80)
Bleach R155
Blood R155
Blueberries R155
Butter R155
Candle Wax R154(R80)
Candy R155
Carbon Black R155
Carpet Glue R154(R80)
Cement Residue R155 / R163*
Chocolate R155
Coffee R155
Copper R155
Diesel Fuel R154(R80)
Dispersing Agent R155
Efflorescence R165*
Egg R155
Fats R154(R80)
Fruit Etch Marks P727* / 
Floor Polish:  
- Water Base R155
- Solvent Base R154(R80) / R52
Grass R155 / R160
Grease R154(R80)
Glue R154(R80)
Gum R154(R80)
Hard Water R159*
Heel Marks R154(R80) / R52
Ice Cream R155
Incrustation R163*
Ink R154(R80) / R52
Jam R155
Leaves R160
Lime R163*
Linseed Oil R154(R80)
Lipstick R154(R80)
  R154(R80) / R152
Lotion R155 / R154(R80)
Lubricating Grease R154(R80) / R152
Make up R154(R80) / R152
Mildew R160
Milk R155
Moss R160
Mortar Grout R163*
Mud R155
Mustard R155
Nail Polishes R154(R80) / R152
Oil R154(R80) / R152
Paint R154(R80) / R152
Paint R155 / R152
Pencil Marks R515 / R154(R80) / R152
Perspiration R152
Plant Stains R160
Resin R155 / R154(R80) / R152
Roofing Board Tar R154(R80) / R152
Rubbermarks R154(R80)  / R152
Rust R777* / R159*
Sealants R152
Sealers R152
Shoe Polish R154(R80) / R152
Silicone R152
Silicone Grout R152
Smoke R155 / R154(R80) / R152
Soap Film R155
Soft Drinks R155 / R152
Soot R155 / R154(R80) / R152
Soup R155 R152
Tar R154(R80) / R152
Tomato Sauce R155 / R154(R80) / R152
Toner R154(R80)
Urine R159*
Varnish R154(R80) / R152
Vegetable Oil R154(R80) / R152
Wax R154(R80) / R152
Wine (Red) R155
Wine (White) R155
Wine Etch Marks P727* / 
Wood Stain R154(R80) / R152




Please reference the following chart. Most stains will be 
after one application. These professional stone care products 
far superior to box store products.


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