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Recycling and Sustainability

We Recycle 
We Care About Our Planet!

As a National Distributor, we ship thousands of orders each year, and every bit of product comes to us from our Import Warehouse in cardboard shipping containers.

We Recycle ALL our Cardboard Waste

We recognize the need to be good stewards of our planet and this is why several times each week we take ALL our cardboard waste to Pacific Steel in Missoula Montana for recycling.


We Recycle


Along with our Bio-Degradable-Green stone cleaning products, and our commitment to reducing landfill waste, StoneCareOnline is doing our part to help keep our planet a healthy and safe place.

StoneCareOnline is concerned about our planet's health. We are committed to helping reduce pollution and minimizing landfill use by recycling every cardboard shipping container we receive. Each week we recycle dozens of cardboard shipping cartons.
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