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For more than 35 years Torin Dixon has used HMK Stone Care Products as a Professional Stone Fabricator and Installation Contractor.

Teamed up with his wife Diane, together they have 55 years of stone contracting and maintenance experience.

HMK® Stone Care products are Professional Grade, and specifically developed for all natural stone surfaces.


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How to Clean Natural Stone

Clean flagstone decks with HMK R55 Intensive Cleaner
 Clean Tumbled Marble Tile  Clean Bluestone Floors with HMK StoneCare Products

How To Clean Granite and all Natural Stone

You've made a significant investment in your Natural Stone,
and you want to Clean it to keep it looking new. 

Here are a few Techniques.


Daily Cleaning of Granite & Marble CountertopsDAILY CLEANING - If your Granite or Marble countertops are in great shape and you are only looking for a daily Maintenance Cleaner, make sure to choose a pH neutral cleaner.

Common dish soaps and houshold sprays are often highly alkaline. For instance, Dawn Dish Soap has a pH of 10.7. This may be a great grease fighter for pots and pans, but it can break down stone sealers. Fortunately, daily cleaning of natural stone has been made easier with our professional grade pH neutral maintenance cleaners. more



Cleaning stains on granite counters

DEEP CLEANING - Let's face it, accidents happen. If you were able to immediately wipe up the spill but there remains a residual stain, DONT PANIC! help is on the way. 

The best thing to do in the interim is to flush the stain with hot soapy water. If this does not remove the stain, you may need to use professional grade products.

Most food and organic stains can be removed using our professional deep cleaners. more



How to Remove Oil Stains on Granite CountertopsSTAIN REMOVAL -  For stains that have deeply penetrated un-sealed stone, you will need to take more drastic action than just using a deep cleaner. You will likely need to use what's called a "Poultice". A poultice is a special solution formed as a paste that creates a chemical reaction to draw out stains.

For a comlpete list of stain removal products, refer to our Stain Removal Chart. more

It is important to identify the type of stain, organic (foods) or inorganic (ink, etc). more


Cleaning Exterior Stone

Cleaning  Exterior StoneExterior Natural Stone poses challenges due to many environmental elements. Dirt, Grease, Oils, Smog, Acid Rain, Sap, and Leaf Debris can cause extensive staining on Exterior Stone.

We offer a full line of Professional Grade Cleaning Products that will Aggressively Clean Stone, yet will not damage your stone.

 Please see the following LINK for a Before & After example of how our Intensive cleaner works.

For a comlpete list of stain removal products, refer to our Stain Removal Chart. more




For help with a Stone Cleaning Problem, or for general information,
please call our Stone Care Experts.

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