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For more than 35 years Torin Dixon has used HMK Stone Care Products as a Professional Stone Fabricator and Installation Contractor.

Teamed up with his wife Diane, together they have 55 years of stone contracting and maintenance experience.

HMK® Stone Care products are Professional Grade, and specifically developed for all natural stone surfaces.


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Professional Advice on Removing Stains from Granite
Bad Advice Abounds on the Internet

I Saw It On The Internet, So It Must Be True!

You've searched the internet and found various conflicting opinions about how to remove stains from granite. Well let me tell cannot always believe everyone on the internet. It is sad to say, but there are many so called experts out there giving dubious advice about cleaning and maintaining natural stone, marble and granite. Some of the advice is good, but much is simply hooey!

All "Experts" are not Equal!

Here is an example:

Searching the keywords "removing stains from granite", you will find this Video from

granite stain removing poultice 

The "advice" suggests making a poultice, but the method suggested is going to yield very poor results on most medium and light colored granite...the very colors susceptible to staining if not properly sealed. This method may be a 'dressing', but it is not an effective poultice.


An effective poultice uses a chemical reaction utilizing a medium such as clay or plaster, combined with a reagent to draw oils or stains out of the granite. The proper methods utilize heat to draw the stain into the medium, being clay, plaster or other effective medium.


The video also suggests using very harsh chemicals that will also degrade any existing sealer you may have on your granite, although, if you have a stain, then your existing sealer is obviously not working as you desire.. To prevent future stains we suggest using a Professional Grade Impregnating Sealer like HMK S34 Silicone Impregnator.


The video also indicates that citrus juices can harm your granite. This is not accurate. Granite is a Quartz and Feldspar based stone that is acid-resistant. Common household foods will not etch granite. These acids will however damage sensitive marble's and onyx which are calcium based stones and acid-sensitive.


HMK Stone Care World Class Stone Care Experts

Nobody knows more about caring for natural stone than Moeller HMK Stone Care. HMK is one of the earliest developers of Stone Care products in the world. Since 1977, HMK Stone Care ihas been the world leader in stone care products with over 70 professional grade products to Clean, Protect and Maintain all natural stone regardless of texture or finish. To visit the HMK Corporate Site chick HERE


HMK R52 Professional Stain Removing Poultice for Granite, Marble and other Natural Stone

HMK R52 is a Professional Grade Stain Removing Poultice for all Natural Stone.

R52 is effective on Granite, Marble, Limestone, Travertine, Slate, and more.


R52 is an active Ready To Use Cleaning Poultice that Removes Oil, Wax, Grease and Food Stains on all Natural Stone and manmade stones. This poultice draws stains out of stone. No mixing required. 1 Liter size.



Apply R52 onto the surface with a putty knife or spatula and work into the surface with a brush. Thereafter add more R52 to ensure that there is a layer of at least 5mm of poultice.


Cover paste with plastic and tape down plastic at the edges. This will retard drying and allow for slower and more effective drawing out of stains. You may need repeat process.


Once dry (this can take up to 24 hours) brush off the hardened poultice but do not scrape off as this can damage the surface. After removing all the poultice scrub the area with HMK® R55 Intensive Cleaner -acid free- diluted about 1:20 with clean water, using a scrubbing brush, stiff brush or suitable pad. Remove the dirty liquid and rinse the area thoroughly with clean water. 


Of course one of the ways to prevent stains from occurring (or reoccurring) is to use a Professional Grade Granite, Marble and Stone Impregnator. Sealers are different than Impregnators. Sealers are generally topical and may not allow stone to 'breathe'.


This is particularly important for stone set over concrete slabs. Impregnators penetrate the pores of stone to provide stain protection, while still allowing Vapor Permeability - ability for stone to 'breathe'. For residential countertops, particulalty polished surfaces, you need a Stone Impregnator rather than a Sealer. We recommend HMK S34 Silicone Imprregnator.


Learn how Professionals Protect Granite and Marble Countertops with complete instructions, by downloading our Professionals Guide to Stone Sealing.


We are Professional Stone Experts

Torin Dixon natural stone expertTorin Dixon is a 37 year Dimensional Stone industry Veteran. He has been involved in the Fabrication, Installation, and Restoration of Natural Stone since 1977. He is also a Slab and Tile Importer and Distributor.


Torin has traveled to more than 200 granite and marble factories in Brazil, Italy, Spain, Canada, Mexico, Peru, and China. He has supervised the quarrying and fabrication of granite and marble slabs for thousands of commercial and residential stone installations. Torin remains a licensed installation contractor, and owner of Elegance in Stone, LLC based in Missoula, Montana.


Torin is a recognized Industry Expert, Technical Writer, and is available for Stone Care Restoration and Repair Consultations.



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Get accurate, professional advice on caring for granite and 
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