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For more than 35 years Torin Dixon has used HMK Stone Care Products as a Professional Stone Fabricator and Installation Contractor.

Teamed up with his wife Diane, together they have 55 years of stone contracting and maintenance experience.

HMK® Stone Care products are Professional Grade, and specifically developed for all natural stone surfaces.


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HMK S237 (S37) Stone Sealer  Satin Finish 1Liter
1-Liter modified silicone/acrylic base Satin Finish Natural Stone Sealer, which produces a tough, hard, and highly protective (topical) finish with moderate color enhancing, offering a vibrant sheen. For honed and textured stone slab and tile.

HMK S235 (S35) Stone Sealer Matte Finish 1 Liter
1-Liter modified silicone/acrylic base Matte Finish Natural Stone Sealer, which produces a tough, hard, and highly protective finish with moderate color enhancing. For honed or textured stone slab and tile.

HMK S242 (S42) Exterior Color Enhancing Impregnator 1 Liter
A Natural Stone Color Enhancing Impregnator designed for Exterior Stone applications. Bring new life to dull or sun bleached exterior natural stone surfaces. 1 Liter

HMK S244 (S44) Color Enhance Impregnator 1Liter
1-Liter, Natural Stone Color Enhancing Sealer designed for Interior Stone applications. Enhances the color of dull stone surfaces. Enhances all polished, honed and natural textured stone.

HMK S239 (S39) High Gloss Natural Stone Sealer 1L
A modified Silicone/Acrylic base High Gloss Finish Natural Stone Sealer, Produces a Gloss Protective Finish with Moderate Color Enhancing. FOR HONED AND NATURAL TEXTURED STONE. NOT FOR POLISHED SURFACES. USE HMK S34 FOR POLISHED SURFACES.

Natural Stone Cleaning and Sealing Supplies for Marble and 
Stone Care Products to clean, restore and 
protect marble, granite, limestone, slate and all natural stone
floors, counter tops, vanities, and other marble and stone surfaces.

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